Winning at product innovation…

With Sublimation printing on our Premium Holographic & Metallic garment films.

We’ve stepped up a gear in product innovation with a new take for fans of Sublimation printing.

Holographic Silver DPH-01

Our Premium Metallic & Holographic garment films can now be printed using sublimation transfer papers to create truly unique and stunning designs, adding value to your garments in the process, at minimal cost per transfer.

Sublimation Printed Holographic Silver DPH-01
With the addition of just one quick process, you can now add greater value to your designs & garments, to remain one step ahead of the competition.

Finished T-Shirt
Both films types are print ready with the exception of Metallic Brown, Green and L Green, while only Holographic Brown currently remains unsuitable for the subli process.

For an in-depth Step-by Step application guide of how to achieve truly unique transfers like these, we’re featured in October’s Images Magazine. Read more here…

Transfer Papers supplied by – Distributor for Dae Ha UK garment films.

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