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DH One Flex

Welcome to One Flex

New PU & Digital PU’s arriving this Autumn… DH ONE FLEX & DH ONE PRINT – Quite possibly, the most user friendly PU films ever produced, offering an unrivalled quality to price ratio… 

One Flex Black & White is available now - click here to go to the One Flex product page.

DH One Flex will feature:

  • Easy to see plotter cut lines.
  • Cut the finest of detail.
  • Very easy to weed with a medium/low tack release film.
  • 120°C temperature application*.
  • 5 Second press*.
  • Hot/Cold Peel.
  • Multi-layer.
  • Superb stretch & rebound properties.
  • Thin (30 microns), soft, & silky transfers.
  • No curling when cut to smaller sheets.
  • Wash to 60C.
  • REACH compliant.


*Full application guidelines:

Medium pressure (2.5 to 3 bar) at one of the following settings:

  • 120C x 15 Seconds
  • 130C x 10 Seconds
  • 140C x 8 Seconds
  • 150C x 5 Seconds

One Flex will be available from 19th August in Black & White, with all remaining 40 One Flex colours available from 1st November at the latest.

It’s the One Flex you’ll need...