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Dae Ha - Incheon Main Factory 01/04/2022

A Price Promise…

AN APRIL FOOLS DAY MESSAGE Price increases are no laughing matter, especially when they’re coming from all directions. Since our entry into the UK in 2014, we’ve been committed to providing our customers with our Premium Heat Transfer Vinyl, at an unrivalled quality to price ratio. This ethos remains at the very heart of Dae Ha, so today, WE GUARANTEE THEY’LL BE NO HTV PRICE INCREASES FROM US FOR AT LEAST THE NEXT 3 MONTHS. We hope this will provide some certainty, in what is currently, an uncertain world. Thank... Read More

What's going on with shipping - Images September 2021 - Copy 22/09/2021

We’re Ready For Christmas…

With Global supply chains severely disrupted, sky high shipping & raw material costs, coupled with unpredictable transit times, we’ve shipped our Autumn/Winter stocks early, so in the run up to Christmas, you can order with 100% confidence and no prices increases through 2021 to boot! To read more of how we’re achieving this, we’re featured in a Special Report by Images Magazine, on the Stormy Seas ahead for many… Stormy Seas: A special report…

Images Front Cover - September 2021 10/09/2021

Dae Ha Front Cover

Taking trade magazine front covers to a new level, with Images Magazine September 2021 edition, with a Legion of Colour! Reflecting the colourful and vibrant nature of our products, with over 300 individual colours / HTV combinations, we’re the UK’s leading supplier of Heat Transfer Vinyl, at an unrivalled quality to price ratio. Dae Ha Centre Spread Following on from 2018 / 2019 / 2020 front covers, we think this years’ results are the best yet!!

Dae Ha Sublimation Paper 08/09/2021

NEW – Dae Ha Sublimation Paper

We’ve produced a high quality all-round sublimation paper for Soft and Hard substances. Dae Ha sublimation paper gives a fantastic vivid colour finish, with fast and precise prints and no curling or folding. And of course it comes with our unrivalled quality to price ratio. Multipurpose for textiles, mugs, tiles, soft and hard substances. A consistent high quality print. No extra coating on the surface of the paper, enabling inks to be quickly absorbed. Vivid and bright colours. Anti-curl and wrinkle free. 105gsm thickness. Available in A4 & A3 packs... Read More

Printable Classic Flex 31/08/2021
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NEW – Printable Classic Flex

New to the Dae Ha UK stock is an economical Printable Classic Flex HTV, for eco solvent printers which comes with the same premium quality and wash durability as that of our Premium Printable PU. Printable Classic Flex is perfectly suited for large designs such as sports names & numbers, logos and lettering, with super fast weeding from the zero-tack release liner, and for where every penny counts – JUST £3.45/m ex VAT. Suitable for eco-solvent inks / printers only. Also available in 1,000mm wide format. 25m rolls only.



Exclusive to Dae Ha UK NOW IN STOCK – AlbaChem’s unique Vinyl Letter Removing Solvent completely removes vinyl letters and residues from most fabrics. The Yorker spout allows for easy application minimising waste. Highly effective and fast drying, Vinyl Letter Remover saves you time and money by dramatically reducing “seconds”. Click here to see VLR in action. Most powerful residue remover Removes all Dae Ha HTV (Not Printable Transparent due to the construction of this film) Great for removing tagless Fast Drying Leaves no stains Does not contain any chlorinated... Read More

Shimmer Iridescent Neon Colours 15/04/2021
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Now in stock, say hello to… 🧡 Iridescent Neon Orange 💜 Iridescent Neon Purple 💙 Iridescent Neon Blue 💗 Iridescent Neon Pink 💚 Iridescent Neon Green & L.Green Shimmer Flex is beautifully soft & smooth, amazing for ultra fine detail, weeds like our Stretch Metallic, and applies in only 5 seconds 👌 Now available in 35 colours & patterns, including Rainbow, exclusively manufactured by Dae Ha, for the most user friendly properties 😎

Neon Puff PU 08/04/2021
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Puff PU Colour Explosion

We have added a few NEW Puff PU colours to our stocks. Actually, to be precise…we have 13 (Thirteen) in total, including 5 neons… A single press and as if by magic, “PUFF” your design becomes 3D. We now manufacture over 300 individual colours across 24 different HTV effects, providing you with more colour than ever… 🌈

One Flex 10/07/2020

One Flex is getting even better!

By introducing subtle enhancements for even smoother, even easier weeding, effortless hot peel release & a higher working temperature 😎 Easy to see plotter cut lines ✅ Cut the finest of detail ✅ Very easy to weed – now even smoother ✅ 120C temperature application* ✅ 5 second press* ✅ Hot peel, with effortless release ✅ Multi-layer ✅ Superb stretch & rebound properties ✅ Thin, soft, silky transfers ✅ No curling when cut to smaller sheets ✅ Wash to 60C ✅ REACH compliant ✅