On the cover of a magazine…

As Madonna once said.

No, not Vogue, but the UK garment decorators’ equivalent called Images Magazine.

Since we entered the busy UK garment film market in 2014, we have lead the way in introducing our customers to more colour choice than ever before. Instead of stocking just the “safe” 6 or so colours in what was deemed “specialist films”, we hit the ground running and opened up a whole new world of colour to our customers, most of whom never knew that such choice was available to them.

Taking our Premium Glitter film as an example, we introduced 24 colours in 2014, which increased to 30 just one year later. Fast forward to 2017/18 and we now have 40 colours in stock, including the first and ever so popular Rose Gold. Currently the largest colour choice of Glitter available in the UK.

Our unique Stretch Metallic film (only manufactured by Dae Ha Korea) has also grown beyond recognition… With an initial 6 colours on offer, by the end of September there will be a wonderful 39 colours and patterns in this incredibly versatile film available from stock.

We also stock the UK’s (and possibly Europe’s) largest range of 15 Metallic and 19 Holographic colours, coupled with a soon to be 42 colour Premium PU / PU MAX range.

Add in a soon to be growing array of Reflective colours, the current Flock line up and just the one Luminous colour, and we’ll be able to supply your business with a choice of 170 individual colours & patterns across our Cad Cut range.

Throw in an additional 6 Printable (Digital) film colours and we’ll be over 200 colour options before too long.

AND with our continued signature quality to boot, it’s why we’re the “new face of colour”…

PS: Just for good measure…we have a further 14 colours & patterns arriving late September 🙂

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