How long will it last?

In the world of heat transfer printing, not all Heat Presses are created equal…

We’re asked on a fairly regular basis “so how long will a Lotus Heat Press last, as the press we’ve always bought seems to fail every 12 to 24 months”?

We always find this such a peculiar question.

I mean ask yourself, why would you keep buying the same piece of expensive equipment over and over again, for it only to keep letting you down, costing you and your business time & money? If it were a car, a laptop or phone, you would look elsewhere right?

Many of us are creatures of habit, we like the familiar and feel safe going back to what we know, even when we know we should probably look elsewhere. Or when starting a new venture, we’re drawn to the incumbent brands, in order to run with the majority.



So why does it seem that heat presses don’t last as long as they used to? It’s a familiar story with many products since the advent of manufacturing having moved to Asia, where process controls may not be as rigorous as they were beforehand. And we’re afraid it’s no different when it comes to heat presses too.

So here’s our question to you…Where’s your press made? Possibly a tricky one to answer, as the website or brochure may state “Made in UK / EU”, but is it really? If you asked to see your heat press being manufactured from scratch, would you be heading East before you know it?

With Lotus it’s easy. A short flight to Milan and there you’ll see, all manner of Lotus presses laid bare in front of you, with highly skilled technicians carefully building your press by hand, with all those rigorous controls and build quality being maintained. For the XXL Presses, Lotus can pre-set your heat press with your Sublimation systems so it’s “plug and play” when it arrives, or if you have bespoke requirements for lower platens or different sizes or shapes of the heating elements, then Lotus can accommodate these too. No job is too small or too large.

And while there, you can take advantage of the shopping and restaurants too 😉

Buy well and buy once… Read on to find out more…

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