Could you make use of an extra pair of hands?

Also from our visit to FESPA Berlin, we’re delighted to announce another superb product partnership with Vikiallo, to bring their ground breaking weeding machines for Heat Transfer Films & Sign Vinyls to the UK & Ireland.

Vikiallo – A Danish company with a vision to make your life easier. Saving customers up to 70% of their weeding, with easy to use, vinyl / htv weeding machines, manufactured from high grade materials. The VR15  & TW17 greatly speed up the process of vinyl stripping. “An extra pair of hands”. Anything you normally weed by hand will be easier, quicker and more efficient with the VR15 & TW17.

Click here to find out more about Vikiallo Weeding Machines.

Add value to your business, become more efficient…and save up to 70% of your weeding time! Free up valuable time & resource within your business, allowing you to grow through a better use of time. Time that could be put towards more sales, more processing of orders, more marketing. 

Or, with all that newly acquired free time, why not just head to the beach instead…

Finance options are available on all weeding machines.




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