Holographic Silver - DPH-01 Subli Printed

Staying one step ahead...

With Sublimation printing on our Premium Holographic & Metallic garment films.

We've stepped up a gear in product innovation with a new take for fans of Sublimation printing.

Our Premium Metallic & Holographic garment films can now be printed using sublimation transfer papers to create truly unique and stunning designs, adding value to your garments in the process, at minimal cost per transfer.

With the addition of just one quick process, you can now add greater value to your designs & garments, to remain one step ahead of the competition.

Both films types are print ready with the exception of Metallic Brown, Green and L Green, while only Holographic Brown currently remains unsuitable for the subli process.

Step by Step Application Guide

Read on below for our Step by Step guide...and read more in October 18 Images Magazine

  • Plotter cut in reverse image (For Subli Fabric, plotter cut as per viewing image  - do not reverse cut) then weed out the excess material from the Metallic or Holographic film you have chosen to use.
  • Ensure the design you are going to sublimation print over the heat transfer, is sized correctly and in printed reverse, so your “images” line up as to how you wish them to be seen. Sublimation print your design onto your sublimation paper. If you need to trim round your sublimation paper to aide alignment later in the process, do this now.
  • Pre-press your garment if required.
  • Place the weeded transfer onto your garment (now with your design facing you) and align as necessary.
  • Heat press the transfer with a medium even pressure at 150C for 5 seconds, then peel the PET release liner hot / warm / cool. Alternatively set your press to 180C, and "tack" the transfer in place for 2 seconds. (For Subli Fabric, press at 160C for 4 seconds)
  • Carefully align your sublimation paper over the transfer (print side down) and tape down a couple of the edges of your paper with heat resistant tape or application tape, to prevent miss-alignment when your press closes or to prevent lifting of the paper when your heat press rises.
  • Heat press at 180C for 20 seconds. (For Subli Fabric, press at 190C to 200C for 20 to 25 seconds)
  • Remove the Sublimation paper.
  • And there you have it, one groovy t-shirt!
  • The above guidelines are based on using a Lotus LTS 138 Slide Heat Press with Forever Subli Delux Transfer Paper from www.forevertransferpapers.com For. Adjustments may be required depending on the type of heat press or sublimation paper you are using.
  • This application is not suitable with a household iron.
  • Forevertransferpapers.com are appointed distributors of Dae Ha UK garment films.

Printing Sublimation Paper

Heat Pressing Holographic

Aligning Sublimation Paper

Revealing The Finished Transfer