We're proud to represent Rhinotec, Vikiallo, Stock&Roll, and more, for the distribution of their high quality products, that will save you time and money through optimising your work processes. These manufactures have been carefully selected to compliment the high quality nature of Dae Ha films and each other. 

Rhinotec  - The new name on the block, for unrivalled quality to price ratio. Complete with a 2 year warranty (old for new exchange program), futuristic design, auto contour cut and exclusive access to Rhino Explore full of free to use designs & images, feel the force with the power of Rhino. Available in 610mm & 1,300mm widths.

Vikiallo - A Danish company with a vision to make your life easier. Saving customers up to 70% of their weeding, with easy to use, vinyl / htv weeding machines, manufactured from high grade materials. The VR15  & TW17 are groundbreaking tools to greatly speed up the process of vinyl stripping. “An extra pair of hands”. Anything you normally weed by hand will be easier, quicker and more efficient with the VR15 & TW17.

Stock&Roll - The observation of the working methods and handling of large-format rolls led us to think about new solutions. Stock&Roll offers a real answer to printing workshops by offering innovative products for the transport and storage of large-format rolls. With Stock&Roll, your rolls are clean and protected, better stored, better managed and easy to handle.

Stock&Roll, has been recognized by occupational medicine for its usefulness in the fight against musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). Our advanced engineering design allows you to save material, save time and increase productivity while improving the comfort of your team. Our products are distributed worldwide and come with a 5-year warranty.