Lotus Heat Presses


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Not all heat Presses are created equal...Lotus Heat Presses are versatile, ergonomically friendly, robust, offer low-maintenance, and are 100% manufactured in Italy to European quality & safety standards. Available exclusively in the UK & Ireland through Dae Ha UK. Read more about Advantage Lotus here.

Lotus Presses come with an industry leading 2 year warranty for all parts, and 10 year warranty for the unique Mika Tech heating elements.

At Lotus you get the ideal press for your requirements. From small formats for breast pockets in 12cm x 13cm to industrial size presses in 160cm x 100cm we can build all dimensions. We offer manual, semi-automatic or pneumatic transfer presses, depending on your requirements. 

By using the unique "Mika Tech" heating technology (which does away with the old fashioned coil heating element and replaces it with individual flat heating elements), you'll have a very fast switch on to first press time and a more even heat across the platen, crucial for longevity of your transfer.

With the option of printing plates of different sizes and even a cap set on our "swap presses" so almost all jobs can be done with one press. By request we can make your individual press and accessories according to your wishes and requirements.

Read more about Advantage Lotus here