Lotus Heat Presses

Here at Dae Ha UK, we believe that not all heat presses are created equal, and this is showcased with the range of Lotus heat press machines available online now. Versatile, ergonomically friendly, and robust, Lotus heat presses offer low maintenance and are 100% manufactured in Italy to European quality and safety standards. Available exclusively in the UK and Ireland through Dae Ha UK, you can read more about Advantage Lotus here. Lotus presses come with an industry-leading 2-year warranty for all parts, and a 10-year warranty for the unique Mika Tech heating elements. Shop our wide range available, and discover manual, semi-automatic and pneumatic heat presses on offer.

What is a Lotus heat press?

A Lotus heat press is a machine designed to imprint graphics onto substrates such as t-shirts, tote bags and more garments. This is achieved through the application of high temperatures and pressure. In our collection, you can shop a variety of manual, semi-automatic and pneumatic heat presses available to find options best suited to your requirements and business. 

Why choose a Lotus heat press?

At Lotus, you get the ideal press for your requirements. From small formats for breast pockets in 12cm x 13cm to industrial size presses in 160cm x 100cm we can build all dimensions. We offer manual, semi-automatic and pneumatic transfer presses, depending on your requirements. 

By using the unique "Mika Tech" heating technology (which does away with the old fashioned coil heating element and replaces it with individual flat heating elements), you'll have a very fast switch on to first press time and a more even heat across the platen, crucial for the longevity of your transfer.

With the option of printing plates of different sizes and even a cap set on our "swap presses" almost all jobs can be done with one press. By request, we can make your individual press and accessories according to your wishes and requirements.

Lotus heat presses are renowned for their build and the high-quality materials they are made from. These attributes make for a hassle-free user experience and mean they require less force than competing models. 

Learn more about the advantages of Lotus heat presses online now.

How to use a heat press?

Get to grips with your new heat press machine through our useful and simple instructions. Our guide can help you gain a basic understanding of how to use a vinyl heat press. 


1. Choose the right materials

Make sure you are using high-quality materials that ate designed to give a good payoff with your vinyl heat press machine. In our collection, we are proud to offer a wide variety of CAD-CUT films, printable films and sublimation products, so you are sure to find the perfect option to suit your project and designs. 

 2. Work on your design 

Whether you’re a printing company, small business or hobbyist, one of the most fun parts of the heat press process is actually readying your chosen designs. Just remember, anything that can be printed can be pressed onto a garment. 

 3. Print your design 

Once you have got your design ready, it's time to print it. Choose the perfect CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl, printable film or sublimation paper for your design from our collection. We always recommend a test print first, to ensure you’ve got your settings just right.

 4. Prepare your heat press

Preparing your heat-press means setting the correct temperature, pressure and timer. There is no fixed or universal temperature to be used for pressing, so check our website for application guidelines for all our products. 

 5. Transfer your design 

Set the time and temperature based on your setting required and once done, ensure your chosen garment and design are placed and aligned correctly and bring down the handle. Repeat the process for more garments if creating more than one!